Our NET-COM company has been existed since 1990. From the beginning of our existence, we have been engaged in designing and production of the radio communication antennas for VHF and UHF radio communication systems.

We are a supplier of the components for antenna's trajectory construction, meeting very strong technical requirements, for over 18 years.
Following technology development, we offer to our clients, apart from aerials, advanced radio systems, which use - besides the traditional phonic communication - digital platforms, such as GSM/GPRS, GPS, TRANKING and also mobile network.

In our activity we cooperate with testing and certifying groups, as well as with technical laboratories, which are accredited by Polish Research and Certification Center.

Independently of our own projects and constructional solutions, we are ready to cooperate on the subject of analysis and implementation of new technologies, execution of individual clients' orders, testing of new products or equipments' production, in accordance with the presented executive documentation.

The thing, which differs us from other companies, is individual treatment of each particular client's requirements, many times effected in making of one required equipment.
A list of our clients includes both, small private companies and large corporations, GSM/UMTS and TRANKING operators, civilians and army as well.

Our many years' experience guarantees the highest level of services. Our competitive price policy determines potential client to choose our company.

Our main intention is to cope with your requirements.

The present offer shows our products and services, as well as gives some information concerning technical branches, in which we can help you.

With compliments,

Tomasz Krzy┼╝anowski